Many years ago…

Our experience in the sector began several years ago and has evolved together with the many collaborators we have chosen over the years to meet the needs of our customers.

1960 - everything starts

It all began in 1960 in a small village in the Modena Apennines.
Gian Franco Giorgi is a man with passions and very clear ideas. As a boy, still of school age, he began to work: first in the fields and then with a first paid job in a building warehouse as a goods handling operator.
The moment of obtaining a driving licence, for him as for any person with a healthy passion for engines, represents a turning point.

1986 - the first enterprise

In 1986, after years of commitment and sacrifices by himself and his wife Laura, Gian Franco bought his first used truck.
His trucking business grows steadily, thanks to a booming market.
The company grows by increasing the number of vehicles and drivers it employs but above all by diversifying the type of customers served and materials distributed: it goes from products from the building sector to those from the industries of the Sassuolo ceramic district, up to the transport of inert materials, waste and of course agricultural transport.

2003 - a family affair

In 2003, the daughter Barbara was involved and the company grew again with the birth of G&G Logistic srl. The newborn shipping agency organizes differentiated and tailor-made transport services, serving the needs of historical customers but also of those who have joined over time.
The strength, professionalism and competence of G&G team up with the variety of the vehicle fleet made available by the carriers who choose to collaborate.

2020 - part of a group

In 2020, G&G joins Oceania Capital, which already controls two other international shipping companies by ship and by air.
The new headquarters in Sassuolo is also inaugurated to continue to improve the quality of the service with new ambitious projects.
Thanks to the strong skills acquired, the many synergies with the other companies of the Oceania group allow us to look to the future with confidence, even in times of rare certainties such as these in which we live.

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